The PEO Group Process

Our process is based on extensive experience and a true understanding of what our clients – and their clients – need.


One of our strategists will take the time to learn more about your challenges and needs, and will start to look at ways in which The PEO Group can help improve the daily operation of your business.


Based on what we are hearing (and not hearing) from you, we will start to create a customized blueprint with recommendations, ideas and solutions.


We will go to the marketplace for proposals from the carriers that best match your goals, meet your needs & address your challenges. Everything we put together at this point is fully customized & tailored to your business.


As both your business partner and an experienced broker, we know what needs to be done to grow your business efficiently, cost-effectively and as intelligently as possible. As your solutions provider, know that we have you and your business covered.
Work With Us

Our business is about supporting your business. Welcome to The PEO Group, a premier provider of strategic brokerage services to businesses throughout the U.S. Our clients come to us because they are ready to outsource time-consuming and ongoing administrative functions such as payroll, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, compliance, legal and HR so that they can better focus on revenue-generating activities.

Customized services based on your needs. The truth is most businesses know they need help and support in certain areas, but many aren’t even sure of which questions to ask or where to start. That’s where we come in.

Our seasoned team of experts works directly with businesses, brokers, network partners and other professional associations to determine who, where and how we can provide the most valuable support and services. From the very first step, our services are provided in a manner that is transparent, efficient, totally client-focused and highly cost-effective.

For more information on how we work and what the process is like, download The PEO Group Process

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Who's Already Relying Upon Us

We have used several PEO firms over the years and have been very pleased with The PEO Group’s ideas and recommendations, which they matched to our specific needs. By far, this has been a favorable experience, quite probably because of all of the upfront questions and patience with understanding our particular business needs. The team worked with our long-time broker and created a Medical Benefits plan independent of the PEO, which was a better fit for our employee needs. In addition, they assisted us with time clock program research and implementation, and they have consolidated our daily operational process into an integrated program. The options and the flexibility have also really helped us.
MB, Real Estate Property Management
The PEO Group worked for several years to win our business and we are glad that they did. We knew what we needed to do to improve, and were surprised to learn that their team identified additional areas of improvement that have made our daily business an even more manageable experience. We have grown considerably, and working with The PEO Group has been a very good experience. We trust them and they have done a good job, specifically by improving our bottom line dramatically as well as through recommending and helping to implement customized services and reporting to meet our unique business needs.
FR, Transportation & Logistics
We have worked with The PEO Group for several years and think the world of them and the way they do business. They have really gone to bat for us in helping to identify the issues that were/are important to us in helping our business run more efficiently. Without a doubt, we will do business with them for a long time.
DB, Healthcare